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Pregnancy Bump Boxes

Bump Box aims to provide expecting mums with products that assist them during the first trimester of pregnancy.



Bump Box creates boxed bundles of love for mamas during pregnancy, and the transition into motherhood and babies. Our boxes are handpicked and filled with high quality products to assist during all phases of pregnancy, in one simple, beautiful box.

bump-aboutOur boxes are designed with each stage of your pregnancy in mind.

At Bump Box we understand that each woman experiences different symptoms during their pregnancy, but we have done the hard work for you and combined products to assist, relieve, and invigorate during the most beautiful stage of life. Bump Box was founded in 2014 by Melissa Robinson, an enthusiastic and creative mum of four from Brisbane, after she noticed a gap in the market that provided a simple, stress free solution for mothers welcoming a new life. In 2016 Bump Box became a parternship when mum of 2, Katie Stewart joined the team. Bump Box combines all essential products when first expecting, through to bringing bubs home, and add the ease, and excitement of being delivered to your door.

Our Bump Boxes are an ideal gift for yourself, an expecting partner, friend or family member. After all, everyone deserves a little Boxed Bundle of Love.

For more information regarding partnering with us or our products, please contact Melissa or Katie.