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Pregnancy Bump Boxes

Bump Box aims to provide expecting mums with products that assist them during the first trimester of pregnancy.

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Mini Mumma Essentials


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What's Inside

  • Raspberry Leaf Tea 50g- This tea has been specifically designed for the Bump Box as we wanted a product that nurtured the mother during the last stage of her pregnancy and to help her birth her baby and placenta it is also great for new mums as it is designed to help repair and restore.
  • Recover Health Lab Balls -What we love most about this ball (besides being filled with delicious peanut butter) this ball has the perfect mix of protein and nutrients to help replenish essential vitamins and minerals to help your body rebuild muscle breakdown and recover faster.
  • Basik Organics - "A roll-on essential oil blend that helps support the needs of a new mother. Bergamot soothes nerves and reduces nervous tension, stress and depression. Lavender is useful in easing nervous tension, relieving pain, and inducing sleep. Sweet orange is a natural sedative, helping to alleviate stress, anger, anxiety and depression. It also provides effective relief from inflammation. Geranium balances hormones and helps calm and de-stress."
  • Mummy Me Time 150g - This soak is all about relaxing as it contains salts, herbs and essentail oils for calming, balancing and tissue repairing qualities.